Recruiting Mentors

Benefits of Recruiting Your Own Volunteer

  • Self interest: Volunteers with a close relationship to your school (e.g., parents of your students) will automatically be more interested in helping to enhance the learning process
  • Knowledge: Local volunteers will have an increased awareness of local concerns and the resources and goals of your school
  • Better outcomes: You have a better chance for success with a volunteer you have chosen.

Finding Engineer-Volunteers

  • Ask an engineer who has visited your classroom on other occasions (career days, science fair judging).
  • Appeal to the parents of the students in your class or school. Place an article in the school newspaper or send a letter home with the students.
  • Check with your colleagues at the school. Perhaps one of them is married to or knows an engineer.
  • Contact your school business partner. A local contact that has made a community commitment is an "easy" target.
  • Contact your City's Bureau of Engineers. City partnerships with the local school district are usually a priority.
  • Tap into other community resources such as YMCA, PTA, churches, museums. They may have volunteers that are willing to help.
  • Issue a school press release announcing your participation and the need for a volunteer.
  • Look in the phone book under "Engineering" firms. Call to see if they are interested in education programs and community service.
  • Check with the local chapters of the major engineering professional associations (see list of sponsors).

If all else fails, contact your Regional Coordinator.